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What is a Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveyors are the scientist and experts of costing a building at all its stages from inception to completion and consist part of the Professional Team of a construction Project.

Quantity Surveyors are highly trained professionals offering expert advice on construction costs. They are essential for life cycle costing, cost planning, procurement and tendering, contract administration, commercial management and project management.

Quantity Surveyors have strong financial, analytical, interpretative and teamwork skills. Clients rely on their judgment to ensure the smooth running of any project and provide value for money.

What services Quantity Surveyors can be offer

  • Preliminary Budget Estimate at the design stage in order to set the Budget for the project.
  • Suggest alternative methods to minimize cost.
  • Surveying the quantities of th
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities and all the Contract Documents.
  • Consulting the Client for the appropriate type and form of Contract to be used.
  • Preparation of the procedure and all the relevant documents for the Invitation to Tenderers.
  • Evaluate the tenders received and prepare a report to the Client and the Architect, Prepares recommendations for the Clients approval.
  • Visit the site periodically and assess the progress of the Project for interim payment purpose
  • Preparation of recommendation to the Architect for the interim payments to the Contractor.
  • Preparation of Cost Report to the Client during the construction period in order to ensure that the project is within the budget.
  • Consulting the Client and the Architect of the effect on the Cost of any alteration in the project.
  • Evaluate the Cost of the alteration.
  • Consulting the Client and the Architect for the possibility of any savings in the project.
  • Preparation of Final Account

What are the benefits a Quantity Surveyor can offer

  • Consulting for the cost of the construction project.
  • Propose alternative methods for minimizing construction cost.
  • Ensures that the project will completed within the budget.
  • Provide an objective role in the project ensuring the equal treatment of the parties in the contract (Client – Contractor)

SEEOKK History

The Association of Quantity Surveyors Cyprus (SEEOKK) was founded in 1970. The founding members mostly consisted from young persons with vision and inspiration for the profession consolidation in Cyprus.

The Association and all the members are registered members in Technical Chambers of Cyprus (ETEK), additionally the majority of the members are Chartered Quantity Surveyors members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The main purpose for the Association establishment was the need to recognize and establish the profession in both the private and the public sector.

The aim of SEEOKK

  • To inform and promote to the public about what is a Quantitative Counter, its role, the benefits of its services.
  • Training the members with the organization of seminars, lectures, etc
  • Representation / participation in all relevant committees that Quantity Surveyors should be represented.
  • Organization of social events for acquaintance and tightening of relations between members.
  • Guidance and assistance from young professionals.
  • Information on employment opportunities.

Few words from the President
– Andrea Demetriades

“Dear Colleagues

I am honoured to be elected to the position of the President of the Board of SEEOKK  after the General Election in March 2017, which both myself and the other members of the Board, undertake with the highest sense of responsibility and professionalism.


As President, I commit myself to continuing for the next two years the important work executed by the previous Boards and Presidents, whom I thank for all their contribution. Challenges and opportunities go on, so we are called upon to cope with and utilizethem in a team spirit.


By taking up my duties at a time when the building industry and the economy of our country are recovering, I look forward to the cooperation and support of all our colleagues and entrepreneurs to achieve the best possible for our profession and the Cyprus Construction Industry as a whole.


The most important objectives we have set as a Board, are  the  promotion of the profession of Quantity Surveyor in the construction industry and to the  public, to bring together the members of the Association and to upgrade the technical and professional competencies for all of our members.


I am looking forward to your continual cooperation”

On the 15th of March 2017, the Annual General Meeting of the Association took place, during which elections were held for the Board of Directors of the Association.

The new Board of Directors consists of the following:

  • Andreas Demetriades
    Andreas Demetriades President
  • Demetris Roussos
    Demetris Roussos Vice president
  • Leoni Efstathiou
    Leoni Efstathiou Vice Secretary
  • Harris Stavrou
    Harris Stavrou Treasury
  • Yiannis Kouis
    Yiannis Kouis Member
  • Petros Zografos
    Petros Zografos Member
  • Maria Konnidou
    Maria Konnidou Member
  • Aggelos Neophytou
    Aggelos Neophytou Member
  • Kyriacos Elia
    Kyriacos Elia Vice Treasury

The Board remains at your disposal should you have any issues to discuss.


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